Congratulations….You’re expecting!!

With a Babytones Doppler unit you can now enjoy listening to your unborn baby’s heartbeat as early as 10-12 weeks into your pregnancy. These small, handheld and portable devices are the same high quality ones used by experienced Obstetricians all over North America.

In the complete privacy of your own home, a Babytones Fetal Doppler will allow the whole family to connect with their future son, daughter, brother, sister or grandchild. It also provides the “reassurance in a heart beat” that the baby is healthy, happy and safe throughout the entire pregnancy.

Babytones wishes to enhance the wondrous experience of pregnancy for you and the rest of your family!

Babytones now offers customers the option of picking up their Babytones Doppler on the same day as their order from our new uptown Toronto location....MORE >>


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